Around this time of year, with the Anniversary of the death of my Mum and brother, I always start to wonder WHY were they taken from me? I have spoken to a friend of mine in Canada at  length on this and all she can say is that there was a reason, God has His reasons. Well sorry, thats not enough for me.

 My brother died in his sleep. He had nocturnal epilepsy, had a fit and choked. My Mum was diagnosed with cancer which spread rapidly and she passed away six weeks later. We are a large, close family of ten and we all suffered badly. So does anyone have a more convincing answer as to why these two great people were taken? 



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    Shirley Says:

    I am sorry about the death in your families and can understand why you have questions. The answer lies in the fact that we live in a fallen world. It is sin that caused the death of your loved ones. I’m not speaking of their personal sinning, but of original sin, when in the garden, Adam and Eve fell from the grace of God. God created man to be sinless and to never die, but Satan, the evil one, deceived Eve, she ate of the forbidden fruit, then did Adam also.

    Our hope is in a better life in Heaven where there will be no disappointment, no death, no tears, no sorrow.

    I pray God’s healing mercy for you and that peace will be with you.



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    earthpal Says:

    Hi sweetie.

    Thinking of you now. Anniversaries like these are always bittersweet…lovely memories of their lives but the grief suffered is also revisited.

    I’ve no answers hon…I just get even more bemused at the answers that Christianity provides regarding this tender and sensitive issue. That’s not to be disrespectful to Shirley and her warm and kind comments. I envy people who recieve peace of mind from their strong faith. I used to have a strong faith too….xxx

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    Hi, thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving kind comments.

    I’m very sorry for your loss. The pain of losing those we love never really goes away, does it?

    As a follower of Christ, I agree with Shirley. I have written about the fallen state of the world and it’s effects in several blog entries so feel free to look around if you’re interested. I was just feeling the pain of it last night as I watched a documentary about refugees around the world and horrible treatment and conditions they live in. I believe these things break the heart of God and would not say that He took your loved ones from you. But I do believe He can work miracles of healing and peace in our hearts and gives us hope. I pray this for you.

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    Sam Says:


    so firstly thanks for the comment on my blog, bit of suprise as i only get postings from my mates!!

    so…i was browsing through your blog and came across the bit about your family members dieing.
    My father died when i was 9, of a heart problem. I became cynical 🙂 but in a good way i think. It took me a long time to deal with his death, i bottled it up inside until only 2yrs ago really (15yrs after he died).

    For me, I cannot understand a doctrine or ideology that explains things as simply as ‘god has his reasons’ or it was his will. it is a simple way out to deal with complex questions…religions/ideologies are just this, a search for stability and one ‘big’ answer. I feel that most people can’t deal with not knowing the big answers (why we are here, meaning of life bla bla) – so they choose something that conveniently answers it for them.

    For me, the explanation as to why he died was simple – he was ill, and had the heart condition from birth. And it sucks. I wonder most days how i would have turned out if he had still been an influence in my life.

    This by no means takes away the awful pain one suffers when they lose a close family member. I personally found, and continue to find, solice in good friends and v close family. I have not looked for an answer only comfort and support.

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    misslionheart Says:

    Thanks for your comment, Sam. I found you as I was blog-hopping, a new hobby of mine!


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    MO Says:

    As days go by i believe less and less in any religion and ironically i feel happier that i dont have to conform to a way of life.i’m very interest in religions but the only rule i try to go by, is to treat other as i would like to be treated.It’s that simple! X

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