This is soooo….weird, but as I was blog-hopping this morning, I thought I MUST write a post on My Pal Val soon. Then a song currently in the charts came on the radio….(I'm listening to BBC Radio One on RealPlayer, by the way) the song was 'Valerie'. I then searched to find out who sings it via the Internet and look what I found!!!

The mad thing is, this woman is the image of MPV, apart from the fringe, MPV's fringe is very short (methinks she hacks at it herself with the bread knife)

So, there you go, irony ………



  1. 1
    earthpal Says:

    My fringe has grown since the last time I hacked at it with the blunt scissors.

    Don’t you just love the song by The Zutons? I think it’s great. What a good name for a song. I’m saying this because I never liked my name and I loathed having to give it out to new acquaintances. I was a Michelle until the minute I was born then dad just decided to change it to Valerie. I’d never forgiven him for it. But now I think, who cares? Why should I be embarrassed? It’s just a name. I didn’t have any say in it.

    The mannequin looks like a brunette Barbie straight out of an episode of Dallas.

    Great blog by the way Clare. Well done. xxx

  2. 2
    clare Says:

    Thanks Michelle. O btw, I didnt realise The Zutons sang ‘Valerie’ Its SPOOKY!!!!

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