Everyone who attended the recent Robbie Williams concert at Croke Park here in Ireland, were told to hold onto their ticket stubs for a free concert before the end of the year. Part of the gig didn’t go according to plan (not that the crowd noticed)

 I must say, Robbie is a true showman. I know you would have heard him being described as that many times before, but it really is the most fitting description. This concert was the fourth one of his I have attended. I was at two in Manchester, one in the Phoenix Park here in Ireland and obviously the one above.

 My husband had bought me 4 tickets in the Gold Circle online the day before they officicially went on sale. (He joined me up to the Official RW fan club)

 Well my dilemma was who to invite to this occasion! First was obvious…..MPV! She made every attempt possible to come over but with one thing an another, never made it. Short of swimming, she tried everything! The other tickets would go to my friends J & S who were so excited at the prospect of a night out with me! (or maybe a night away from their kids)

 Anyway, at the eleventh hour, MPV couldn’t get here, so I told one of my friends, her cousin could take her place. She was delighted as she is also a big fan of Mr. Williams.

 So the day arrived and at 5.30pm June 9th, we travelled to Dublin in a white stretch limo (well I do like to travel in style) sipping white wine and Champagne. It was great fun! The journey from Kildare to Dublin took about 40 minutes but when we arrived to the outskirts of Dublin (unable to get anywhere near the venue) we had a half hour walk to Croke Park!

   We had hoped to be there in time for the support group, The Beautiful South, but that was not to be. The crowds walking around us was enormous, so speed-walking wasn’t an option . Although we could hear them but thats just not the same.

 We ‘legged it’ to the front only to find we had to go back out again and return a different way to get to the area where we should be.Urrrggghhh!

So we went all the way back, found the right entrance, and just as we arrived, on came Robbie…or did he?

 Well! I was looking around everywhere wondering why the crowd of 78 thousand fans were going crazy just yet! I couldnt see him! The girls could see him and were going loopy! Then, I spotted him and went to pieces (as did many others around me)

 The show was amazing. He has so much energy. The dancers were excellent, too.

I would recommend anyone to go and see him. Tickets aren’t cheap, but worth every penny (cent)



  1. 1
    julenka Says:

    I know this is completely random, but I thought it was cool how myself and my partner are J + S too. 😀

    Glad you enjoyed the concert. See ya.

  2. 2
    Amanda Allison Says:


    Just been reading the notes above and just wondered if you would be able to shed some light with reference to seeing Robbie.

    We also went to the 9th June concert and would love the opportunity to see him again especially for free. Only problem is, when we spoke to Ticketmaster they knew nothing about the free tickets. Don’t suppose you know who we would have to contact or what site we should be watching for information about the upcoming event.

    Any information you may have would be really appreciated.



  3. 3
    misslionheart Says:

    I’ll contact his Fan Club…Would you like to forward your e-mail address?

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