I have just spent 24 hours in an Irish hospital with my son. I thought the British National Health was in a mess! I entered Tallaght Hospital in Dublin at 3.30pm on Thursday, made my way down to Childrens A&E and was horrified to see the rows of patients on trolleys. One or two looked a little ‘high’…….

 I dont know who was more embarrassed, me or the sea of patients.

 I didn’t have to wait long at all for D to be seen and the staff were, on the whole, very good. After checking his bloods and urine which were clear, a chest x-ray showed an infection so we were admitted overnight for observation. Luckily, I am covered with private health insurance, so we had our own little room with T.V.  D was monitored every 3 hours for his temperature which had been very high when we arrived.

   The point here is that when we were discharged yesterday, the same people were on the trolleys and more.;

MARY Mary Harney



  1. 1
    earthpal Says:

    I’m glad it was nothing serious. Kids are resilient. He’ll bounce back in no time at all.

    As for the Health Service…it’s very bad here. Morale is at its lowest, stress levels are at their highest and the ongoing implementation of privatisation is going to affect patients the most. Large companies in health care will eventually have to cut costs to make profits to keep their shareholders happy. This will result in beds being cut and staff numbers being cut. End result, basic care will be free, anything else will cost and for those on limited budgets it will be just tough luck.

    The website you linked is right. She should resign.

  2. 2
    misslionheart Says:

    If they cut the beds, would only short people would be hospitalised?!
    Seriously though, I felt so uncomfortable walking those corridors with a 20month old. My other children would have been frightened, some of those patients were a bit ‘rough-looking’ to say the least..

  3. 3
    Carol Says:

    Sorry to hear about your son. I hope he is doing better.


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