The funny things children say

girls.jpg This blog will be updated whenever one of my children says something funny (unintentionally) The girls have all said things I try to remember, so I will add them as and when.

Firstly, No.2 has said lots of things, but one of the funniest so far, was  “Mum, how do you spell K.F.C?” another one was,  “Do birds wee?” My mum kept a little book of dates of birth, weights at birth etc. This will be my little page of funny things said by the children!

 This morning, No.3 (aged 5) asked if her new trainers would be faster than her old ones!! 😆



  1. 1

    Yes, kids can say some really fun things sometimes. I’ve heard adults say some funny things too. My kids always let their dad know the “bloopers” he has made when he preaches. My daughter even made a tape for him one year for Christmas of all the bloopers he had made that year. He loved it.

  2. 2
    love2quiz Says:

    That’s funny! Once, I told my friend I could see her through the phone, since the cell phone had a screen on it. And she believed me!! lol

  3. 3
    misslionheart Says:

    No way! That sounds like my sister in Brighton, she is SO easily tricked. I once told her that Collins had taken the word ‘gullible’ out of the Oxford English Dictionary….needless to say, she believed me!

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