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August 9, 2006

Just as we were leaving to go Grandads party yesterday, a manhole cover lifted on the main road, gushing raw sewage. Then the covers on our paths around the house followed suit. The sewage ran all along the side of the house and from the back wall to the decking, hence creating an unhabitable place to live! I rang the Council immediately and they informed me it was the responsibility of the developer. I rang him and he was here within 20 minutes. He said he thought the council had blocked the wastepipes with rubble when they did some roadworks last Spring! Have you ever heard such ****! We were all set to go to a party, but it really put a dampener of the whole event. The girls’ took overnight bags and stayed at G& G’s house…

 Oh, and Grandad loved his plasma screen, but played with the wrapping all night!

 So, this morning, the drainage company arrived and are sucking up the ‘you-know-what’ 🙄