I’m having a browse on BBC News as we speak. I really must keep up with the news again. My good friend in California told me about the foiled attempt in the London airports! Shame on me. I seem to be so wrapped up in my homelife nowadays.

Anyway, as I was looking on the site I came across an article on the recent Sri Lankan events, of which I was also ignorant.

 I don’t often comment on political comments, because I dont understand everything thats going on in the world, but from what I have read on this today is that, as always, those in power on both sides gain much from the conflict, so they prolong it. What they seem to forget is that without the conflict, the whole of Sri Lanka could become transformed and then everyone would gain, not just those in power. Both sides are guilty of murder, subterfuge and lies: another reason the conflict goes on and on, each one can claim the other is the aggressor. Very sad as the island is incredibly beautiful…

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  1. 1
    earthpal Says:

    Spot on! Those in power benefit greatly from conflict…to the detriment of the people. (We should all revolt). Greed and lust for power leads to wickedness and corruption. Always has, always will.

  2. 2
    earthpal Says:

    Here’s an article which might be of interest to you…


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