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August 18, 2006


 While I was over in England visiting my family, I realised what I wanted most out of life for myself and my children, other than happiness, was some land surrounding the house! ‘Sis 2’ lives out in the gorgeous countryside in Cheshire, with her husband and three boys. They have a beautiful home, the sort of place you would see featured in a copy of ‘Country Homes’ with an Aga, open fires, a study full of books about cooking, fishing, cross-stitch and home improvements, Welsh dressers and so forth. The land surrounding the ‘greatly added-on-to-cottage’ must be around 10 acres or more of fields and a recently added lake!  I am more in need of the land, because I would love a smallholding with hens, a goat, three ponies and maybe a dog.   

  Since coming home, I have thought of very little else apart from moving from this house! There is a good sized piece of land behind our house which I have been trying to acquire for 12 months now, but the owner of the land (the richest man in Ireland) wont sell/let/rent or give it to me. Thats because he doesn’t know me! His Estate Manager met me twice and passed on the message! 

   Well, tonight I feel I have a glimmer of hope. The lady I sold a rabbit hutch to this week, invited the children to her farm to meet her children and hens. Well! We drove up to the house, through the farmyard, past the sheepdog, cow, calf, horses, sheep (too many to count!) and was met at the door by my ‘new friend’ 😆 She was just about to feed the calf a bucket of baby milk, then round up the hens for bed. Her husband was in the yard tinkering with a horse-box (he fixes them for a living) The girls were in their element. My son is full of a cold and wasn’t too interested. He was so clingy. She showed us around the outbuildings, the dilapidated stables where her mother-in-law ran a riding school many moons ago, the crumbling haybarn…it was wonderful. Much more interesting than if everything had have been spick-and-span. Although I wish I’d have been wearing my wellies at some points! 😯

  After a while, I asked if they knew ‘Mr. Bling’ and she said “Do we! He’s never away! He’s a good friend of ours!”          

                 cheerleader.gif RESULT! cheerleader.gif

 So I explained the situation at home re. small back garden, and she is going to put a word in. She said, she wouldn’t be surprised if he just gave it to me!

                   THERE IS A GOD!!!


August 18, 2006

I was so upset by a wildlife programme I watched this morning, about the Dancing Bears in India. It was tragic to see these animals being treated so terribly by one human being (?) in particular. I’m not going into detail because I will cry, so click for a success story….