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Kate Bush…my hero

August 22, 2006

 I have a varied taste in music, there’s not a lot I don’t like. My tastes range from opera to today’s chart sounds. There’s just a couple of groups I can’t stand, though. One is The Police who I feel were so overrated and the other is The Thrills, I just can’t stand the lead singers voice!

  My favourite artist of all time, ever, ever, ever is Kate Bush. I have all her records and tapes, a few C.D.’s, books and I’m also a lifelong member of her fanclub!

 I never tire of her early music, although I didn’t buy her latest album ‘Aerial’ because reviews were poor (even the fans agree)

Rose of Tralee

August 22, 2006

 Its big news! The favourite Rose at the moment seems to be Cork, but I think San Francisco is the most beautiful and Irish-looking!….

          The Rose of Tralee festival 

(Queensland won)


August 22, 2006

‘I KNOW WHAT I WANT…….. read this again, its finished!