The first time my husband took me out for dinner, was at the Pizza Hut in Crawley. Sounds cheap, I know, but it was one of the best meals I ever had! Remember the pizza they did in the late 80’s (May 1988 to be precise!) called the ‘Priazzo Roma?’ Well, I haven’t seen it on the menu since. Sometimes, the best meal could be very basic, the worst meal could cost you an arm and a leg….

 So I looked on the internet and couldn’t find anything even similar, but this link made my tummy rumble and its only 9am!


 Had another look and found this!



  1. 1

    When we went to Costa Rica in March, we went to a Pizza Hut there, and I had some of the best pizza I’ve ever had in my life. They had a pizza called Brazilian pizza. I can’t remember everything that was on it, but it did have bits of lime, and I love lime. It was truly a unique and great tasting pizza.

  2. 2
    Tena Says:

    Oooo, Carol, what were the other ingredients? It sounds like I’ll just *have to* try and make it!
    Pizza Hut good?! Is it still good today? I haven’t had it in many years and it didn’t impact my taste buds like yours and Miss Lionhearts!

  3. 3
    earthpal Says:

    I rarely visit the Pizza Hut but they do a great Vegetable Supreme.

  4. 4
    misslionheart Says:

    You three just *love* yer grub! 😆

  5. 5
    Carol Says:


    I’ll have to ask my husband about the other ingredients, because I honestly can’t remember what they were. My kids always tell me that my mind is going, and they just might be right.

  6. 6
    ibiog Says:

    If you don’t count last week, I probably hadn’t eaten at Pizza Hut since the 80’s myself. Our whole family decided to go on a rainy afternoon last week, and I was not thrilled about the idea at first. To my pleasant surprise though, it was buffet day, and I loved the pizza and the salad bar. I will say though… the restaurant itself was kind of dingy, but I know they’re not all like that.

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