I’m having a chat with you!

  I had a great shower tonight!  I have been soo-o busy today, and was well ready for it. Click here for the gel I used!  It was the most refreshing shower I have had since the power-shower in Prague. The shower gel I used there was Clarins and left my skin soft for weeks.  

  I’ve had the house painted this week, so I spent most of the day putting everything back into place, so the house smells fresh and clean too! When we bought the place, the walls only had an undercoat so you can imagine how grubby it got  after two years and six household members!  The new paint is ivory and its ‘wipe-clean’ (necessary with little ones)

  What do you tell your child if he/she asks you to honestly answer the question….“Is Father Christmas real?”  That’s the question I’m waiting for from No.1 who will be 11 years of age just before Christmas. She’s growing up so fast. I can’t remember what age I was when I realised he was ‘pretend’.  I might just tell her to ‘Believe and recieve!’

 Its my youngest’s birthday next Saturday, he’ll be two! I can’t believe it, seems like just yesterday I was screaming to the Receptionist at the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin, that I wasn’t fit to “fill in the bloody form”….he was on the way, no time for formalities! He’s into Bob the Builder at the moment, so along with his wooden tool kit, he’ll be a happy bunny. I’m taking him and his little friends to The Playbarn in Johnstown, did I tell you? 

 I got rid of the computer desk today, it was far too big for the kitchen. I went to P.C. World and bought a little desk for 40 euro! Great value…..till I got it home to assemble it!  Took me two hours to do steps 1 & 2! I gave up after that (and a bottle of my faithfull bottle of German wine) So tonight I finished it and I’m tapping away on it right now.

 I’m still listening to James Blunt. He’s downloaded in my library! So, when I log on, I can turn him on straight away….:lol:


  1. 1
    earthpal Says:

    Great post hon. I know what you mean regarding the Father Christmas question. “Believe and receive”. I like that…lol.

    And have you still not progressed from Leibraumilch?

  2. 2

    Hi you made a comment about my blog recently and how I put handwriting on it.
    I have actually cheated,there is this thing called ink blogging and you are suppose to use a tablet PC or Wacom with a pad that hooks into your pc and you just upload whatever it is you have written.

    I really liked the look of that, but understood that it would use up your image upload if you were to use that way all the time.

    I also like the thought of using pullquotes that have a little box on the right side of left to make a point easily made.

    As of this moment though I do not have a tablet pc or a Wacom device to use …. so I pondered on the situation, and asked my computer savvy daughter … Hey, is there anyway I can use a handwritten looking font and save it into a gif to upload as a picture for my blog?

    She said to use adobe photoshop which she downloaded for me, and after many days of frustration, I finally could do what I wanted. I have used the cutline theme because you have really easy image control – left, right, centre and stacked – and you have the option of turning off the frames of an uploaded image. That I like because it created a seamless pullquote and I think it works well with this theme.

    I am in the process of conning my hubby. ( ooops did I say conning, I meant asking politely 😉 ) for the Wacom pen, so eventually I can use my own handwriting occassionaly and draw some silly pictures.

    But for now I just use the font available to me that my daughter had load up for me.

    Now, my secrets out, and you are the first to know. But hey… you are a Kate Bush lover, so how could I not let you know!


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