Christianity…is it for me?

   image9.gif  I often look through the local newsletter and ponder on Christianity. I had a strong belief in God before I very tragically lost my brother, it weakened once more when my Mum died of cancer in 2002. I questioned His reasons over and over, in fact, this is the second time I’ve blogged about my dwindling faith. I suppose there is a reason as to why God takes those we love, but accepting His reasons have been very difficult for me. My Mother had a very strong faith in God, but then she needed to have, her husband, my Dad, was a very difficult man to live with! She also had eight children with him. Losing the youngest must have been very hard for them. This is why I feel God must have pulled her through.


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    Addie Says:

    Hi, Thanks for stopping by. I had once upon a time doubted my faith as well. I was very rebelious as a teen, but as I grew older I found alot of solice and strength in “christianity” I still have my doubtful moments but with time I find myself. My faith in Christ as seen me through many a rough times!!!

  2. 2
    misslionheart Says:

    Thankyou, Addie. Something to think about, there…

  3. 3
    Jerod Says:

    Hey, i understand you questions and your doubts…i do. But what you have to remember is that sometimes things just happen. I had a cousin that was an awesome woman of God die at the age of 21. This could have made me angry. But…through her death severael people came to know the Lord. There was a reason. We may not understand some situations but that doesn’t mean that God is to “blame”. I also do believe that sometimes…things just happen. And our faith is what keeps us through the situation. I don’t always understand why things go the way they do. But, i do have to remember that God sees things much clearer than we do. My son is 5, and when he gets into trouble he doesn’t always understand. He just wants what he wants, hahahaha. I know what is best for him so i take action to make sure that he is raised to be a strong young man. The same goes with God. We don’t always understand why things happen in life, but we much remember that God knows all. And cleanging to him will just bring us closer. Please don’t give up on your faith in God. God will show himself to you in the situation if you just seek him…and not push him away.

  4. 4
    Express Says:

    He is always there for you Misslionheart……

  5. 5

    Hi Clare,

    This Jerod that replied above is absolutely right. If you haven’t done so already, please visit my blog and read a post I wrote a few weeks ago entitled, When Death Doesn’t Seem Fair. You will be in my prayers.


  6. 7
    helenl Says:

    Hi Clare, It is not always easy to figure God out. But then God does not expect us to understand His ways but rather to trust in His love for each of us. You are in my prayers.

  7. 8
    Jen Says:

    Hello Clare,

    My 14 year old friend just lost her mom to cancer. Her mom had a very strong faith in God. I really admire her good attitude through it all. All I can tell you, is that God uses hard times in our lives to make us stronger. I had to go through something….I didn’t understand it much at the time, and I cried a lot, but now that I look back, I can see how he used it to build my character, and help me to help others. He’s awesome, and we need to trust him, even when things don’t seem right or fair. I encourage you to study God’s word, the Bible…You can find some good stuff in there…Promises, and the plan of salvation. I know I’m only a young teen, and it might seem weird for me to be telling you all of this, but I know that God is always there, and we can always depend on him.

  8. 9
    Addie Says:

    What a pity Jerod didn’t leave any footprints for us to follow him … would have loved to read his blog (if he has one) Clare I hope that after all these good comments you would have some answer to the question [… Christianity…is it for me?]

  9. 10

    COol swinging cross image.

    May God enlighten you on all musings!
    God bless

  10. 11

    I would be lost without my faith in God ~ Jesus has saved my life 🙂

  11. 12

    I’ve had moments where I questioned God. “Why did you allow this to happen?” Sometimes, years later, you can look back and see the wisdom in what He did. Other times, we may never understand, at least not in this lifetime. But if we do not have our faith to hold on to, what else is there?

  12. 13
    Scotti Says:

    So blessed to find your blog! Looking forward to exploring here.

    May the pease of the Lord Jesus be with you in all things.


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