*I wish I’d have had my camera this morning. My little boy (now 2) devoured a little pot of yogurt. He stuck his face in it and came up with a very messy complexion and a big grin. These are the moments I cherish. The pic here is a few months ago when he decided to look a little further into the dishwasher.

* I was wondering whether to do a full entry on ‘Why I Blog’  but then decided to add it here and keep it short.

I blog to de-clutter my head, to make friends, to keep in touch with friends, to pass my free-time, to learn about myself and to keep a diary of things which have happened…


*Plans for the rest of the day:

1. Get a shower

2. Feed myself and No.4 child

3. Go to the butchers

4. Collect No.3 child

5. Prepare vegetables for dinner

6. Collect No’s 1 and 2 from school

7. Tidy all bedrooms

8. Take No.1 to Drama class

9. Finish preparing dinner

10. Get No. 3 ready for Irish dancing

11. Collect No.1 from her class

12. Feed all children

13. Go to Irish Dancing class 6.30pm -9pm

14. Come home via off-licence for beer and wine

      ‘Hooray, it’s the weekend!’ 8_9_23.gif

Edit; Change of plan. We went to chip shop on the way home! Will tidy the bedrooms today ….



  1. 1

    I hope you get to the end of the list!

    That picture is so cute, btw 🙂 and I really like your blog ~ I’ll link to it from mine 🙂

    Great to see you’re a fellow U2 fan!

  2. 2

    That’s a precious picture. Maybe he’ll want to explore the washing machine next? Keep your camera handy, and have a great day.


  3. 3
    earthpal Says:

    I’ve been asking myself more and more lately just why I blog. I just get so passionate about issues and I also love to show off about my kids. But I do sometimes wonder why I bother because, although it’s not supposed to matter, I do sometimes feel like I’m talking to myself.

    Great post ML and thanks for your loyal support on my blog.

  4. 4
    earthpal Says:

    Forgot to say….I love the piccy. I also have a photo of my youngest daughter sat in our dishwasher door. It’s so funny and cute.

  5. 5
    misslionheart Says:

    Thanks Earthie for your lovely comments. Never feel you are talking to yourself. It’s just like putting pen to paper. I love looking at your blog. I can’t always comment, because some issues are too heavy (you know I’m simple)
    But rest assured, you have a great blog!!!

  6. 6
    misslionheart Says:

    Believe it or not, I *do* have a pic of him in the drier! May post that soon….
    Thankyou for visiting

  7. 7

    Ah, as i’ve said before… Children do very sweet things!

    God bless

  8. 8
    babybull40 Says:

    I think that is the cutest ever.. My cat tried exploring my dishwasher once or twice. and I wish I had captured the moment.. but oh well, He learned his lesson and now my Chunky Peanut will copy the cat.. eventually… thanks for the nice comments you left on my blog..

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