My fridge needs a clearout!


 I try to give my fridge/freezer a good weekly clearout, but it never happens. So, today is the day.

 Tips from hubby: From top shelf to bottom

*Cooked and ready to eat food

*Jars and sauces

*Bottles and juices


*Raw meat sealed

 There’s something that niggles me if I see it in another persons fridge…  half empty/full jars. I just want to put the contents into  little plastic containers. I try not to keep scraps on a plate or leftovers. If they aren’t eaten on the day, the scraps are given to Cookie, the local waste disposal feline.

  I don’t keep anything in the trays in the door, everything is inside the fridge right in front of me.

 There’s something exciting about opening an organised, freshly cleaned  fridge, especially when it contains a few treats for the children at the weekend. Wine and chocolate for Mummy, too!

…And of course beers for Daddy!      special.gif       



  1. 1
    babybull40 Says:

    I really love the new look of your blog… and it sounds like you are feeling inspired with all the cleaning..I did some cleaning yesterday..and always the laundry.. minus ironing..

  2. Thanks for leaving a link! Food is just more appetizing when it comes out of a sparkling clean fridge isn’t it?

    It’s interesting that you don’t store anything in the door. I have to because I’m always running out of space!

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