Bruce Almighty Clips


 This really made us all laugh hard tonight. Bruce Almighty . Jim Carrey is the funniest! I first saw him in Dumb and Dumber  and he was brilliant. I particularly enjoyed this  part of  ‘Me, Myself and Irene.’



  1. 1
    earthpal Says:

    My favourite Jim Carrey film has got to be The Truman Show. It is a very clever and intriguing film and Carrey is superb in it. The best I’ve seen him.

  2. 2
    misslionheart Says:

    I’m not sure I’ve seen that one. I think Hubs watched it with the kids though…

  3. 3
    raghavendra Says:

    ” BRUCE ALMIGHTY “, a movie bout an american TV anchor, who sets himself to fell in failure of his life activities.( in personal & proffessional) then on Blamming GOD..for forgetting his worries, providing no solutions to his problems ,,and one fine day he’s been contacted by GOD.. for all the reasons he was blaming him..realising his problems GOD gave him all his act on every one whtever and whichever the way it would work out 4 him.
    BUT EXCEPT ON FREE WILL….he cannot work out his powers on free will.
    just see this movie ONCE IN U R LIFE TIME , it takes 1:36:58 sec’s to watch & LEARN from “ALMIGHTY GOD…..” it’s about LOVE , PASSION , SACRIFICE, AND A GOOD LESSON FOR ALL OF US…LEADING A BETTER LIFE.


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