Tackling packed lunches

                  Tackle It Tuesday Meme

 This is a task I really and truly hate dislike doing.  I wrote a a complete blog on Packed Lunches  and deleted it due to ‘lack of interest’. Maybe you can help. I’m always struggling on what to put into the girls’ lunchboxes, without having to buy too much of anything. Fruit I buy at the weekend, so only lasts till Wednesday before the kids say, “Yuk!” to wrinkly grapes and pale apples.

  The three girls will all eat jam sandwiches, spread thinly with the crusts off, I also buy cereal bars, raisins, yogurts, popcorn and occasionally crisps or Quavers (Fridays only).  I find it a real task to prepare each day, (always during homework time, because I won’t bother  till the morning if I don’t do it then.) 

  Anyway, for the time being, I involved my youngest girl tonight and she helped me with her own little ticklist!  I made a list of what was on offer and she asked her sisters to tick their choice. (I can’t do that every day!)

 Ticklist is stuck on the tiles!

 Then she placed all the ticked items into the correct lunchboxes! She really enjoyed this little bit of responsibility which made her feel so grown up.

 At last!  Done > fridge>happy Mummy>sorted!

p.s. It still could do with a bit more help tackling! Please help with your ideas for tasty, healthy options.




  1. 1
    Erna Says:

    Sorry, no suggestions here. My girls are too little to have lunches packed for the day (if we homeschool, that’ll be out the window too). It looks like your yougest girl did a fantastic job! Way to go! Good idea to have a little list of items for the kids to choose from, I bet they appreciate knowing what’s in their lunch for the day (when/if they have the option). I hope you get some good ideas about packing lunches. :0)

  2. 2
    Babybull40 Says:

    have you tried carrot sticks with cream cheese dip.. with their favorite flavour added to the plain creamed cheese.Baby croissants.. if you can find them..

  3. 3
    Crystal Says:

    my daughter loves taking soda crackers with a few slices of balony and cheese – kind of like lunchables but cheaper, lol. It’s also great cause she gets some protein.

  4. 4
    thepocket Says:

    When I was in primary school my favourite thing was on cold days mum woudl make us a cup of soup in our little thermos (mine had Minnie Mouse on it). I was nice to have something warm on cold days.

  5. 5
    Heather Says:

    String cheese, we LOVE string cheese here. Kashi has some really good granola bars, my favorite is pumpkin spice… yum!

  6. 6

    We do a lot of honey whole wheat bagels. I buy them in bulk and individually freeeze them. For my 5 year old, I cut them and then freeze them in half. Some other ideas: cream cheese with the bagel, string cheese, pepperoni, whole grain crackers and cheese slices, apple slices, baby carrots, sliced cucumber, bran muffins … and that is all my brain will do right now. Good luck!

  7. 7
    misslionheart Says:

    Thankyou all! x

  8. Great idea to get your girls involved. I dislike packing lunches too. It is so hard.

    One thing my son like is creamcheese and jam sandwiches. He also like wraps with cream cheese and avocados or creamcheese and sliced apples.

    (Could I mention one thing? I almost missed getting to your tackle because I always visit from my comments, not the Linky. With the tackles I try to go back and see if I missed anyone from the Linky, but I still miss people by accident. So if you leave a quick comment as well as signing the Linky then I will get to you for sure. Thanks :))

  9. 9
    mo Says:

    What i’ve started to do recently is buy tortilla wraps!Cut up all sorts of things such as cucumber, cooked chicken, tuna, salad,..etc…everything the kids would like.I then spread the wrap in sour cream and red currant jelly(thinly)Let the kids pop in their chosen filling, roll it up,with both sides folded in as you roll, and wrap in cling film.The kids can choose all kinds of things,and encourage healthy eating.

  10. 10
    misslionheart Says:

    Been there, done that! Only the eldest likes tortilla wraps. She likes them with chicken tikka, shredded lettuce and mayo. mmmm…
    I want to find something they will all have on a daily basis. All had sausage and cheese rolls today, pot of custard, cheese tri-bites and apple jiuce. Doesn’t happen very often!

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