The week so far…

 ~Monday Menu Planner  was going great guns (on  Monday) but it all changed for different reasons. Not a bad thing though, I’m gradually using the stuff in my fridge which I would normally let go to waste. And slowly cleaning the fridge shelves, too!

 Quack quack!

~Santa promised me a new car for Christmas. Still waiting…. His ‘helper’ told me today that it will be here tomorrow! Yay! I’ve been using Hubby’s for the last three days because he’s been going into work with his brother. Here is what my new baby will look like. Click Zafira . This was the only black one I could find on the web, so with an Irish registration plate and without the stickers, that’s what ‘she’ll’ look like!  I promise to you all here and now, that neither I, nor the children will ever, ever, ever, ever eat in my new mean machine!

~I received a brilliant C.D. as part of my Chris cringle on Christmas day. Wasn’t too impressed when I opened it, really. But as you read this, or maybe a little later, I am listening to ‘Scarborough Fair’. It’s one of the best pieces of harmonizing ever.  The Essential Simon & Garfunkel.

Get it!

 ~Some of you may know that I run the local ‘Carers and Toddler Group’. Well, I really do enjoy it. For a few reasons. Firstly, as an English girl  lady  woman  whatever, I think I should help the community and do my bit. Secondly, I have always enjoyed being involved in anything going on! Thirdly, I just love the attention it brings! Todays group was the first this year and it was great to see everyone again after the Christmas holidays.

~Slowly but surely, my ironing mountain is diminishing! I seem to be able to handle the boring task more easily nowadays. Setting myself the target of one hour a day with the iron has really worked. If I do two hours, then I don’t iron the next day. It’s easy!



  1. 1
    earthpal Says:

    I just love Simon and Garfunkel. They made such mellow music to chill out to.

    I also like Paul Simon as a solo artist. His Gracelands album is fantastic.

    Good luck with the new car. Mine is on its last wheels and when I can afford a new one it will be a Toyota Prius in keeping with my Green standards. T’is a hybrid and it’s logo is…Mean but Green.

    Missing you hon. Will be in touch asap.

  2. 2
    misslionheart Says:

    ‘Call Me Al’ is a brilliant song. Makes me laugh when I see Chevy Chase miming to it in the video. He’s gorgeous! Slurp!

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