I’ll try this today

 I’m not a domesticated godess, but, I do like the house to appear in some sort of clean and tidy order.

 I have Creative Homemaking on my links and look at it for a few minutes a day to get me into the ‘inspired’ mode! Here’s a way to get the children involved in tidy-up-time! I’ll put it into practice this afternoon to see if it actually works. The eldest one could catch on that it’s a ‘trick’!



  1. i always make a commitment to do ten minutes tidies regularly, but then I fall off the wagon. but it is a GREAT effective way to keep the house under control.

  2. 2
    misslionheart Says:

    Isn’t it easy to fall off the wagon, though? I’ve committed myself to several organising tasks and an hour of ironing a day (yes, I do need to!) So far, so good… 😀

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