Tackling clutter

 Tackle It Tuesday Meme

 My cupboards have  always been full of clutter. But, I must admit, that my New Years’ Resolution of de-cluttering is on the move, albeit a bit slow.


 I have a terrible habit of putting things into the nearest place, rather than the most practical place. So the clutter builds up. I tackled it, much to the pleasure of my 4 children, who during the cleaning-out process, found a place to hide!

 Two up-two down…

Eventually, after much frivolity, the task was completed…

 How long will it stay like this?




  1. 1
    Amanda Says:

    Thanks for your recent visit and comment on my blog. It’s fun to get a new comment or two!

    Anyway, way to go on your cupboard! It looks great.

    ~I love to get comments from new visitors too (and old ones) 😆

  2. 2

    Hilarious shot of the kids! Congrats on organizing–it looks great!

    ~You think it looks like that now? !!!

  3. 3
    Gattina Says:

    The kid’s picture is the best tackle you did there !! It’s really funny, lol !

    ~They had great fun! Meanwhile, I was itching to put stuff back in!

  4. 4

    For a second, I thought you put the kids in the nearest place 🙂

    Thanks for visiting my site. Great job on your tackle…I’m still tackling my closet! I hope to have it done today! Check my site later, I will post progress pictures!

    ~ I saw, I posted, I like! Well done!

  5. 5
    Crystal Says:

    Lol – very cute! Great tackle!

    ~Thanks Crystal. I like to add a bit of humour to mundane tasks!

  6. 6
    Gina Says:

    LOL. How sweet! The cupboard looks nice. I love empty space!

    ~Me too, although if you were to open all my other cupboards, you’d be shocked! Under the sink next week. Help!!!

  7. 7
    Julie Says:

    Great job! I remember when my children would play in the cabinets. It is sad they are all too old to want to do that anymore!

    Thanks for coming by my tackle. It is great to have visitors.

    ~You’re never to old to squeeze into a cupboard, I did it! Might post pics one day 😆

  8. 8
    Carey Says:

    Great job. I love the picture of the kids in the cupboard. That’s perfect.
    Mine is up too.

    ~I’m off to look!…..brb Hey Carey, that’s good!

  9. 9
    earthpal Says:

    Those poor kids. Do you lock them in there at nights?

    Lol. Great pic. They’re as bonkers as their mother! Give them huge hugs from me and A.

    ~ Hey, life’s too short to take it seriously! Luv ya x

  10. 10

    my hero… you are so motivated… I just woke up… with no motivation! I too love empty spaces. Great job!

    ~You love empty spaces? Check out my site next Tuesday!….

  11. 11
    eve Says:

    how cute! a lot of people are doing their cupboards this week, I need to do mine next week 😆

    ~Eve, I just bobbed into your site. It’s great! How do you get the snowflake effect?

  12. 12
    Babybull40 Says:

    The kids inside the Lazy Susan is adorable…

    ~ Hey BB! How are things in Canada? Hope you are all 100%. I’ll call in soon…

  13. 13

    LOL! My kids would have done the same thing!

    Isn’t a newly organized cabinet so refreshing? Good job!

    ~ It is. That ‘feel good’ feeling! Love your blog, especially the pic of you and the girls!

  14. 14
    Pattie Says:

    That is such a great picture. What a bunch of little cuties. (o:

    ~Cuties? Cuties? Who told you that!!! 😆

  15. 15
    Stacey Says:

    That is great!! LOL 🙂

    ~Thanks Stacey! I’ve been online looking for fridge magnets tonight, then I realised….our fridge is integral 😦

  16. 16

    Great tackled kids 😉 He he. How fun.

    It looks great. It’s so much easier to keep it that way if doing it now and then, so this could be a repeating tackle…

    ~ Absolutely. It’s a a mess again! (Shhhh!)

  17. 17

    Great tackle! I love the picture of the kids. It looks very organized in the end. I love your header picture too. The baby has very pretty eyes:)

    ~Thankyou! So kind. Hey, I bet you dusted and didn’t take any notice of what we all said!

  18. 18

    That’s a great picture with the kids in there. Mine used to love to climb into spaces, too.

    Great work!

    ~And great work to you, too! I’d love a desk like that. All my papers get ‘put away’ into cupboards, never to be seen again!

  19. 19
    Babybull40 Says:

    I thought the one with the kids was really cute.. you are doing awesome with the de-cluttering… I have done that job too and it makes life much easier when looking for certain items…

    ~Thanks BB. It’s something I really need to work on. I’m a bugger for clutter!

  20. 20
    Noillirac Says:

    Beautiful job. (And flexible kids) We’re in Oklahoma, USA. Just had an “ice storm.” It was mild, but enough to make us “hunker down.”

    ~ Oh, the little faces! Hope things get better soon….

  21. 21
    Jen Says:

    Looks great! That picture of your children is too funny. They must either be very little or those cabinets are really big.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    ~You’re welcome, I’ll call again soon!

  22. 22
    Heather Says:

    OOoh, the after looks great, but my favorite is the in-between! 🙂 Great tackle, and what a neat cabinet, I could totally use something nice like that in my kitchen!

    ~The cupboards are always easier to tackle than the kids!

  23. How FUN! You sure have a full house over there! 🙂

    It looks great BTW! 🙂

    ~Thanks Janice. I just popped into yours and saw your ‘Wordless Wednesday’ I nearly forgot mine. I’m off to post it right now! 😉

  24. 24

    This was a great laugh. Well done!

    Hoo – I love the music here! Makes me want to pull out the fiddle 😉

  25. 25
    misslionheart Says:

    Steady on!

  26. 26
    misslionheart Says:

    Saw your blog….and a fiddle! Let’s hear you then!

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