Blogging with the Americans!

   Most of the blogs I visit are written by American ladies, and a few Canadians, too.

  On ‘Menu Plan Mondays’,  I often wonder what some of the dishes actually are, so right now I’m surfing the net and doing a little research. I looked on my msn webpage which I really enjoy browsing, and found this  I must get one of those crockpots! 

   Then I was side-tracked (nothing new) onto another site which explained how to deal with a two-year old who bites his sisters, which is happening in my house right now. It started last week, and Spud thought it was a good idea at first. Check this out…. BITE

  So, back to the foodie bit. There are a few more things I struggle with. Meatloaf is popular on the menu’s, as is sandwiches. Now, if my Husband came home from a 10/12 hour shift, to be presented with sandwiches, he’d head right out the door and down to the ‘Chipper’ for a Lunchbox!

  Leftovers night …BRILLIANT! I throw the lot together and come up with ……erm…..something! No, seriously, since adding leftovers to the menu, I waste nothing. I’ve saved between 20-40 euro per week on groceries. Honestly! I don’t buy what we would all like, I buy what we’ll need for the week.

 I think I should plan next weeks Meal Planner Monday on meals I’ve seen on these said blogs!



  1. 1
    Distybug Says:

    Which brings up a thing or two about your blog…what kind of beans do you serve with eggs & bacon? Beans aren’t something we routinely serve with eggs & bacon…we’d go with something like grits or biscuits. I think I will adopt the Meal Planner Monday to help jump start my planning for the week. If you have any questions about mine, don’t be afraid to ask!

  2. 2
    Distybug Says:

    One more thing…any idea how euros compare to the American dollar? I have no idea if 20-40 euro is a lot or not! Thanks.

  3. 3

    20 euro is 26 dollars…
    Tell me, what are grits or biscuits? 😆

  4. 4
    babybull40 Says:

    have you made some colcannon or poundie yet?

  5. 5

    Oh, the beans are baked beans in tomato sauce!

  6. 6

    BB~ I made colcannon a few times. I’ll make poundie soon and post pics !

  7. 7

    This is too funny 🙂 !!

  8. 8
    Distybug Says:

    Grits are corn ground up very small. They are relatively flavorless, but we like to add cheese or butter for flavor…they are like rice only smaller. Biscuits are a bread, like rolls only made without yeast. We put ham or bacon or eggs or butter on them. Sometimes, more than one of those at a time. Does that help?

  9. 9
    Distybug Says:

    Also…we eat baked beans with our hamburgers or barbecue sandwiches. Not usually with breakfast. It’s interesting to learn about other diets/menus!

  10. 10

    Thanks for the info. I’m going to be trying out a few of the menus I’ve seen on my next few Meal Planners!

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