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Time for a cuppa?

March 1, 2007


  Well most of the ironing is done, passports are in a safe place and everything is sorted for our trip to Cuba. Before we go I will by lots of little gifts for the children to open each day. They are being very brave about the whole thing and the eldest has eventually come round to the idea and is allowing us to go now, saying we deserve it! Do you hear the Cuban music on my blog?

  I’ve just noticed it’s March 1st! Doesn’t seem too long ago that the Christmas tree went up into the attic after spending a week on the landing. I can’t wait to see the first buds forming on my clematis on the front wall. Last year, it was gorgeous in full bloom with soft pink flowers. It was my Mum’s and she bought it just before she became poorly. It sat on her back doorstep waiting to be trained onto a trellis. The trellis was never put against the wall, so when Mum died I took it home and looked after it. When we moved here to Ireland, I planted it in the front garden and trained it along the sidewall against my house. It spread like wild-fire. Must like the Irish soil!

  My two year old boy (let’s call him ‘Spud’ it’s quicker) has had a sore bottom the last few days, which is a bummer (no pun intended) as that’s the last thing I need to be worrying about. He runs to me when he needs a poo. I’m hoping the cream I bought from the chemist clears it up very soon…

  hardshoes11.gifThe girls have an Irish Dancing competition tomorrow night. The little one, who now prefers to be called Danielle, is very excited and will be wearing the costume I bought on e-Bay. I also bought a wig! Saves the ‘curlers-in-the-hair-the-night-before-scenario’ So, hopefully, a few medals will be tossed into my handbag for safe-keeping.

  I could have used a home help this week. It’s been hectic. As you may have read, on top of all my tackles, I’m on a diet. The image of me in a swimsuit was not for the weak. But, at my weigh-in, I’d lost 2lbs and feel much better for it, although last night I had three glasses of wine and woke with a headache. I’m only allowed 7 units a week! The menu which was designed by Tesco diets is not bad at all, the preparation though is time consuming. The weighing especially. I bought a digital kitchen scales, so that I didn’t need to guess the weight of a few unsalted nuts or a couple of slices of bread. Ooo, my head hurts! I wish I could type without looking at the keyboard!

 Do any of you have any tips on how to drink eight glasses of water a day? I don’t think I’ve drunk that much in the past year! The tap water is a no-no at the moment, so I bought a 5ltr bottle of Kerry Spring yesterday. I’ve only had two glasses so far. I seem to struggle with the cold, tasteless aspect!


 Spud has just done a poo without a hug!