Wordless Wednesday March 21st



  1. 1
    earthpal Says:

    I love how you keep forcing your kids into kitchen appliances just to entertain your readers here.

    Have they been in the oven yet? 😀

    He looks gorgeous. And he’s growing too fast!!

  2. 2

    What a fabulous shot! Love the expression on his face!

  3. 3
    babybull40 Says:

    Out of the Dishwasher into the Dryer.. How appropriate.. and so adorable.. Hi Handsome Dude..

  4. 4
    mothemum Says:

    That’s NOT the way to wash the kids!!!!Did Mum not teach you anything????

  5. 5

    Now when he does that and you’re not looking…. lol


  6. He looks like he’s having fun in there! We tried to get ours into the dryer but she would have none of it. I don’t know why she doesn’t trust us!

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