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Parent Hacks

April 30, 2007

 I found another great site earlier today, had a read and had to share. We may think we know it all, but we don’t…  Lookie here

Planting seeds in his pyjamas

April 30, 2007

 Well not quite planting seeds in his pyjamas! The seeds went into the pot. Another great ‘outside’ day with Spud. The little boy I mind has tonsilitis *jumping up for joy* Time for me and my little man to re-bond.

 It’s also an ideal time to concentrate on his toilet-training. I’ll whip off his pants and let him run around, mopping up puddles as we go!

My little mans underpants!

Menu Planner Monday

April 29, 2007


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I’ll be concentrating on the children this week. Hubby comes home at all hours and is lucky to get a crumb if he doesn’t ring me to let me know when he’ll be home. I’m still watching my weight and have lost a stone! Yay!! So I’m still doing the thing.


Pasta Carbonara

Homemade rice pud



Beans on toast with melted cheese





I clean the fridge on Thursday mornings before I do the weekly shopping.



Homemade plate meat pie, new potatoes and garden peas

Vanilla icecream wafers



Homemade pizza and Gaelic bread

Popcorn (Video night)



Chinese takeaway

Natural Collection sweets



Roast dinner

(to be decided)



Go here for more tasty menus




Sunday Lunch

April 29, 2007


You must try one of the meals on my diet menu, it’s delicious. I’ve had this a few times now, but I thought it looked so tasty today, that I’d take a pic and post it on my blog.


1 small grilled chicken fillet (around 100g or 4oz)

60g of mixed beans, canned and drained

60g of avocado

4 cherry tomatoes (I used a whole tomato but cherry are better)

1/4 red pepper

2 tsp of olive oi

l1 tsp of lime juice

1/4 tsp of chilli powder

The Lovely Litterbug!

April 28, 2007

 While we were in the park today, standing beside the swans, ducks and brand new ducklings, I was approached by a lady who noticed we hadn’t brought any bread to give to the birds. She took about 10 slices of bread out of the bag and handed it to Spud and said, “There you go, little one, feed the ducks!” I was taken aback at this ladies thoughtfulness, she’d brought the bread to feed the ducks herself. We thanked her and off she went, leaving this…….

Well, we can’t all be perfect!

Another day out

April 27, 2007

 The sun is shining here in Kildare, and I just have to get out with the children very soon. If the eldest jumps on the computer, we could be staying in! A record-breaking hot Summer has been reported and I’m hoping this is the start of it. Having good weather and having children are a great combination!

  Another reason we need to get out, is that my wonderful cleaner will be here soon, and I wouldn’t want us to be in the way. She comes once a fortnight now, to do the jobs I hate. And anyway, I’d rather spend time in the sun with my children than clean toilets and wash floors! A quick tidy up and off we’ll go…

 As I was writing this, Pencil and Spud have just gone outside with their breakfast, putting our new patio furniture to good use already.

 And it tastes better, too!

A funny for ya

April 26, 2007

Dr. Reginald P. Chalmondley-Warner, the World’s formost authority on wasps was walking past an Oxfam shop when an item on display caught his eye. It was an LP of Wasp Sounds. Excitedly he went into the shop and intruduced himself to the assistant.

“Hello”, he said “I am Dr. Reginald P. Chalmondley-Warner the world formost authority on wasps and I an interested in the the LP you have for sale in the window. Would you mind playing the first track for me?”

“Certainly, Sir” replied the assistant, and proceeded to play the requested track.
A puzzled look came over Dr. Reginald P. Chalmondley-Warner’s face as he listened.
“I am Dr. Reginald P. Chalmondley-Warner the world formost authority on wasps and I’m quite sure something is wrong. That is not a wasp. Would you please play the second track for me?”

The assistant duly put on the second track.
Once again a puzzled look came over Dr. Reginald P. Chalmondley-Warner’s face.
“I am Dr. Reginald P. Chalmondley-Warner the world formost authority on wasps and now I’m certain that something is wrong. That is most certainly not a wasp. Would you please play the third track for me?”

The assistant obliged him once more.
The look of puzzlement changed to one of annoyance.
“I am Dr. Reginald P. Chalmondley-Warner the world formost authority on wasps and I can categorically state that none of those tracks were wasp sounds. Are you trying to make a fool of me young man?”
“Certainly not, Sir, let me check the record again”
“Ooops my mistake, that was the ‘B’ side”


April 26, 2007


  My 5yr old (second left) had a big beaming smile on her face as she handed me this work of art. It reminds me of a certain Michael Jackson video!

  (click the link!)

Lucky me!

April 25, 2007

 I can’t believe my luck today. This morning, I was looking through a Woodies brochure and I ticked off a few items I intend to buy for the garden this Summer. I saw a great table and chairs for 599 euro which would be perfect. My brother-in-laws girlfriend works there and can get me 40% discount on large items.

 Within a few minutes of finishing my garden wish-list, I had a phonecall from a neighbour, asking did I want hers? Amazing stroke of luck sent by the Irish! So, this afternoon after her husband delivered it, the children got to work with soapy water and sponges and gave it a good clean. A few bright cushions, and jobzagud’n!


Well done Earthie!

April 24, 2007

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 One of my regular ‘visitors’ Earthpal, has been awarded the  ‘THINKING BLOGGER AWARD by Helen at ‘Windows Toward The World’ 

 “My fifth Thinking Blogger Award goes to EarthPal, who left her “real name” in a comment on my blog and then told me not to tell anyone. -) She writes about environmental issues. EarthPal makes me think. Thanks, EarthPal”.