A great day


 I had a very productive day yesterday. The weather was beautiful and no-one played an April Fool’s Day trick on me, apart from WordPress of course! (But I didn’t see that until 10pm, so it doesn’t count.) I wish there was a way to save that btw…

 Hubby was home and we did some serious de-cluttering and garden work. I did the garden work! Hubby is good at de-cluttering, he’s so ruthless! He actually only went upstairs to fix the bed which broke after several children (who’s names will not be published here) jumped on it for several minutes causing a piece of wood to break. He ended up clearing all the clutter from under it….I’m delighted. I am of the opinion that ‘If you can’t see it, it’s okay’, whereas Hubby is of the opinion that  ‘It’s there! Move it!’

 The children played out with their cousin for most of the day, while I finished digging and weeding the front border. Eventually! I took out all the weeds off the driveway, cut the back lawn, swept the decking and paths and put the washing-line back up. It still has the girls’ uniforms on as I write, a lovely sight!

  The window-cleaner hasn’t called for months, so I cleaned the windows, too. Just the downstairs ones, of course, and now we can all see outside!

   We’re planting seeds again! I’m concentrating on herbs this year. I’d love a few different types on my windowledge to add to the Summer salads. Coriander has to be my favourite at the moment. It’s nice to go into the garden to pick your own crop! 



  1. 1
    babybull40 Says:

    we did some de-cluttering as well.. Our puter desk was covered in so much junk and dust.. it was disgusting.. but now it’s tidy and more organized..

    😆 My desk is tiny, no room for clutter. But you should see the state of all the knotted cables behind!

  2. 2
    babybull40 Says:

    I bet there is a way to hide all those hideous wires.. Find a good size shoe box and get the kids to colour it then you have to cut the top edge.. Along the end (short part of box) a few inches ought to do so the wires fit through..tip the shoebox upside down and voila.. you have hidden the hideous wires…Or untangle them first.. then do that with the shoebox..

    😉 That’ll keep them busy for a few minutes tomorrow. Thanks!

  3. 3
    IRENE Says:

    That is what I call a great day! I have actually wanted to do some weeding myself, but it always gets postponed in favor of something more urgent. I love gardening, but I don’t like the dusting and sweeping stuff. But I am good at decluttering. So how does measure on the scales?!
    One year I had planted tomatoes and cucumbers and courgettes, and our veranda (no garden , I’m afraid!) looked like a jungle. Now I grow some herbs, which is great, because they make me feel a little self-sufficient, as in “F, go fetch us some parsley, please”.
    Yes, an excellent thing to do. Well done!

    ~Thanks for the comment, Irene. I agree. I can’t wait to say, “E, go fetch a marrow!”

  4. 4
    babybull40 Says:

    You have been tagged…

    ~Oh, no! I haven’t done the last one yet!!!

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