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Here goes!

April 3, 2007



No Challenge, No Change.

If you don’t give yourself a challenge, there can be no change, and without change, there is no growth.





Oh, no! This is ‘The Dreaded Shed’. I’ve been putting this off for months.


One ladies mountain bike

2 girls’ bikes

one scooter

green see-saw

computer monitor

rabbit straw/food/bedding

hosepipe & reel

plastic table

2 plastic garden chairs

babies pram

2 childs prams

 4 almost empty tins of paint

The rest isn’t worth mentioning!


  I’m having a well deserved cuppa! It’s been tougher than I thought, and my camera isn’t working properly so I’m using a friends. Hope pics aren’t too blurred!  I’ve filled three bags full of rubbish, and advertised some of the items here. It’s a great way to get rid of stuff you want removing quickly.

 Yippeeeeee! Done!

(The white garden chairs have been collected and my mountain bike and the girls’ bikes will be picked up tomorrow!)

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Tackle it Tuesday

April 3, 2007

                             Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I mentioned yesterday that we’re planting seeds. My youngest girl picked nasturtiums (you know her name now!) and the other girls chose herbs. Spud will plant beans.

 I have often bought hanging baskets ready made, but this year I’ll make my own. That’s my tackle!

More tackles here

  I’m wondering whether to be involved in Organising Junkie’s 30 day challenge challenge. It would make sense to join in and organize my home a little lot. Mmm…..