Sunday is just another day here. We don’t go to mass, only on special occasions. My husband works every weekend, his job demands that, so we do our own thing. I tend to spend the morning here and the rest of the day feeding, cleaning, washing and ironing!  

 Today I need to find the girls’ uniforms, prepare their lunches for tomorrow, take them to the Curragh Races, make Sunday dinner and hopefully, eat outside. The weather is unusually warm and sunny here in Ireland, but right now it looks overcast…


Bridging the gap between mediocrity and success is about developing a positive attitude, self high esteem and empowering beliefs that will hold you together whatever life throws at you.


(My sister sends me thoughts for the day, that was one of them)


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    babybull40 Says:

    Geez I hope I can remember my kids sounds like you have your day mapped out.. Enjoy it..

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