Menu Planner Monday


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I’ll be concentrating on the children this week. Hubby comes home at all hours and is lucky to get a crumb if he doesn’t ring me to let me know when he’ll be home. I’m still watching my weight and have lost a stone! Yay!! So I’m still doing the thing.


Pasta Carbonara

Homemade rice pud



Beans on toast with melted cheese





I clean the fridge on Thursday mornings before I do the weekly shopping.



Homemade plate meat pie, new potatoes and garden peas

Vanilla icecream wafers



Homemade pizza and Gaelic bread

Popcorn (Video night)



Chinese takeaway

Natural Collection sweets



Roast dinner

(to be decided)



Go here for more tasty menus






  1. 1
    babybull40 Says:

    Another nice menu.. I dig through my freezer and usually the first thing I grab is what we have for dinner.. Tonight we are having Perogies…with Onions and Garlic and a special smoked Bacon..

  2. 2
    annie Says:

    Your menu sounds delish!

  3. 3
    zoe Says:

    Which plan are you doing on the tesco diet thing?
    I’ve thought about it, since we shop online from tesco, but I think my problem is not the plan itself but motivation to stick to it.

  4. 4
    Sandra Says:

    Sounds delicious 🙂

  5. 5
    Rona Says:

    Great menu plan.

  6. 6

    mmmm, great menu! never heard of beans on toast, sounds good!

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