How was your day?


  Mine was good. I spent two hours ironing while the children were  outside. I watched them from my bedroom playing, it’s the best way to do the ironing!

 Hubby finished work at 3 o’clock and took the children to get some Summer clothes for our trip to Disneyland. As the car pulled off the drive, I put on my trainers and went for a long walk, two hours in fact, in preparation for my Mini Marathon on June 4th. As I mentioned here, I’ll be walking it in Disneyland. (Not one to miss out on a bit of Charity money-raising!)

   The weather was just right, a slight breeze and not too warm. I walked down to the Liffey and onto the Riverside Walk and as I walked, I thought to myself, “When was the last time I was on my own for two hours?”  Probably when I was in Cuba in the hotel bedroom with a dose of the ‘Havana Squittywits’ I’d had diarrhoea and just had to be alone!

  On a particular stretch of pathway, I was in another world. The birdsong was almost deafening but what a beautiful sound. It was eerie.



  1. 1
    Sue Says:

    That is a fantastic view! I think I’d do my ironing if I could do it from there. Actually my ironing pile is as big as those hills in the distance.

    And yes it’s good to have ‘me’ time. Not in the Cuba way though!

    And good luck with the training, what a great way to raise money.

    ps Thanks for the link.

  2. 2
    Pattie Says:

    Is that really your view from your bedroom? Wow. (o:

  3. 3

    OMG, is that really the view you wake up to? Breathtaking!

  4. 4
    beccy Says:

    Wow what a view, lucky you.

    I’m also missing the marathon as I’ll be in France, I never thought to do it from there, what a good idea.

  5. 5
    Distybug Says:

    Wow, is THAT your view? I’d never get anything done if it was mine!!

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