A trip down memory lane…


   After reading a recent post by Earthpal here, I decided to take my own little nostalgia trip down Memory Lane.

 I also read many Enid Blyton books and these book covers  just brought all those reading days back to me. One book though, I remember reading isn’t listed here, but coincidentally, my daughter Pencil found it in the Community Centre library a few weeks ago.  I couldn’t contain myself when she showed it to me. I scanned the cover…

 Other early memories which I can remember are tasting Spotted Dick and custard in junior school. I loved it. I can smell the canteen and the stairs leading up were narrow stone steps. We had to walk across the yard to get there.

  There aren’t many songs played on the radio that I can remember apart from Summer Holiday by Cliff Richard. The music here on my blog reminds me of the  trips to Uncle Joe’s house. Most Sunday afternoons, we would drive over to his small farm (seemed like a million miles away, but wasn’t) and he would put this song on the record player. Then we would go outside to the chicken hut and see the hundred or so tiny chicks. I remember being horrified seeing a dead one. If there were any new lambs I would bottle feed one or two. I loved that!

 My short-term memory isn’t as good as my long term memory. I can remember all the names of the children in my class when I was 10 and where they sat in the classroom. I can also remember the first house/shop I lived in, where the bedrooms were, the downstairs layout and the shop at the front where my Mum worked. I can remember where many things were kept in the shop, too. One of my sisters is amazed at how much I do remember and quizzes me on it!

   Like Earthie, I also remember fondly watching Mum put her makeup on. She wore Rimmel makeup. Different shades of pink lipstick, maybe even red on special occasions. Pressed powder, I can smell it! Cream eyeshadow, usually blue. I don’t remember her wearing perfume till she was older. Then she wore Anais Anais. I can smell her hairspray. I would brush her hair in the evening while she watched T.V. (which wasn’t often) and she’d fall asleep while I did!

  Early memories of my dad were his temper and holding his whiskey while he played ‘Danny Boy’ on the piano after returning from the pub.  He was an immaculate dresser. Always wore a suit and tie whatever day it was. He was a Senior Lecturer in Business Studies and Management and had a very serious air about him. His wardrobe consisted of made-to-measure tailored suits, crisp white shirts and three or four  pairs of tan leather shoes and one pair of black ones. He always carried an white cotton handkerchief, ironed with the initial ‘T’ in the corner. He was a bad-tempered man. Despite this, I know my Mum loved him and he loved her very much, too. I’ll leave that there…

(I’ll finish this post soon, I’ve so many memories to offload! Particularly bits and pieces about my siblings….)



  1. 1
    beccy Says:

    I loved Enid Blyton, even after a teacher told me at age 9 that I shouldn’t read her I still devoured her. I just made sure never to tell my teachers what I was reading after that!

  2. 2

    What? For what reason?

  3. 3
    earthpal Says:

    Lovely Post MissyL.

    It’s funny but i never liked those puddings as a child. Now I love them -unfortunately.

    And yes, I remember being surprised as an adult about the distances of places we used to visit as children. They do seem a long way away when we’re kids, when in fact they’re quite close.

    The Blyton thing…her books are now widely considered to be sexist and racist so I guess they wouldn’t be pc in todays world. Maybe that’s why Beccy’s teacher said she shouldn’t read them.

  4. 4

    But she’s a grown up now. So why did the teacher think the books were unsuitable then?

    We use to go to a caravan in Sabden, I thought we were going down Saaaath!

  5. 5
    babybull40 Says:

    I use to read Enid Blyton too as a child.. By the way you’ve been tagged.. Your it.lol

  6. 7

    I loved Enid Blyton…My favourite were the ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’ series ‘The Wishing Chair’ series, The Caravan Family.
    The Enchanted Wood though…I used to wish I could go up to one of those lands on top of the tree.
    The Angry Pixie’s whose house you dare not look into unless you want a bucket of ink or water thrown at you – Silky, the elf with her long, silky, golden hair. Mr.Whatshisname and his snoring, Dame Washalot, Saucepan Man, Moonface – all made my childhood so special… I feel bad that kids these days just have video games…

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