The Final Countdown

 This post has come at just the right time for me.  The Lazy Organiser is giving advice on how to pack.

 We are off to Disneyland on Wednesday and although I have most of the washing and ironing done, packing is always the bit I find just too much to handle. Hubby could pack it all in a few minutes. Personally, I would rather the bags were laying open till the last minute before we jump into the car. My girls are so excited and now that the countdown has dropped from over 120 days to five, the butterflies are fluttering!

    I thought I’d do something a little bit different this week. I’m joining in the Friday Feast.

Not just because of the cute logo, but it’s a chance for my fans to get to know me better!

  •  Appetiser ~Name a sound you like to hear

           All my children laughing together. My water feature trickling on a warm Summers evening.

  • Soup~ What is your favourite cheese?

          I blogged about it here> Lancashire Crumbly! 

  • Salad~ Do you sleep late on Saturday mornings? Why? Or why not?

          I’d love to.  I can’t remember the last time I woke up without being ‘woken’ up!

  • Main Course~ When was the last time you forgot something? What was it, and how long did it take to remember it?

           Last night. I had a little girl over for a playdate on Monday afternoon with my   youngest daughter. She’d brought a change of clothes and left her P.E. kit here. I noticed it hanging amongst the coats in a bag and had to take it to her house at 9.30pm last night because she’d need it for today. The worst part of it was, I’d just got into my p.j’s!         


  • Dessert~ 

          Fill in the blank: I notice___________when_____________

I notice how quickly my children are growing up when I look through the photographs and I don’t want them to!





  1. 1
    Melody Says:

    Great feast! Have fun at Disneyland! 🙂


  2. 2
    Becky Says:

    Have fun at Disneyland…:D…I love love love Disney…My hubby thinks I plan where he is to go (he’s in the AF) by how close we are to a Disney 😉
    Happy Friday.


  3. 3

    Have a great time! Which one are you going to? I love the picture of your kids! Thanks for visiting me!

    ~Florida. We went when our eldest was a baby, she’s 11 now…

  4. 4
    Akelamalu Says:

    Hi fellow Lanky girl! Thanks for dropping by my place.
    Love your Friday Feast – all of it – and your photographs. I’ll call back to read more if I may, though you probably won’t be blogging after Wednesday for a while! Have a great trip.

    ~I’ll find a way!

  5. 5

    So sweet….the photos! And ya, your dessert is perfect. But wait….wait ’til you’re my age and your youngest turned 35 last week!!!
    My feast is served.
    Have a great weekend.

    ~I’ll be a Grandma before I know it! 😯

  6. 6
    Bridget Says:

    I wholeheartedly agree on your dessert 🙂

    ~ I’ll be back to your blog later with my Scavenging pic..

  7. 7
    annie Says:

    What a great feast!
    & cute pics.

    My Life as Annie!
    ~Thanks Annie, I left a comment on your blog…

  8. 8
    beccy Says:

    I so agree with dessert. Have fun in Disneyland, I would love to go back.

    ~Thankyou. Maybe you will, one day…

  9. 9

    That last picture is adorable!

    ~He looks so funny there! The girls laughed when they saw it tonight! 😆

  10. 10
    Christine Says:

    Have a great trip! Say Hi to Mickey for me!!
    I know they grow too fast! *sniff*
    Have a great weekend.
    Thanks for the wondefful feast!

    ~Your welcome. Please call back next week!

  11. 11
    babybull40 Says:

    So you are leaving me for Mickey and Minnie.. Have a blast..
    And I shall be thinking of you having fun.. D looks adorable in those pics..
    ~Thanks!! I’m off to your blog……

  12. Great feast!
    Angel Mama ():)

    ~Thanks for your comment Angel.

  13. 13

    regarding your dessert – oh, so true!
    happy friday!


  14. 14
    earthpal Says:

    Lovely pics.
    P & A said they’re so relieved that they are in the UK while you’re in the States. 😉
    I said I’m sure the feeling will be mutual. Hehehe.

    ~Ya cheeky caaaa-a! I know they would never say that! 😆

  15. 15
    Kim Says:

    Great feast today! Have a great time at Disneyland.
    Mine is up and ready to be served…come on over!

    ~I called in and commented!

  16. 16
    Liz Says:

    What wonderful cheeky little little smiles on your children!
    I hate packing too. Always want to leave it to the last moment just so I can put in the t-shirt I have to take but which I’ve only just washed and is waiting to dry and if I don’t leave myself a note I’ll forget it’s still hanging on the airer and I’ll be halfway to the airport before I remember and then it will bother me!
    Have a great time in Disneyland.
    ~Thanks Liz. I’m hoping to find a way to blog a couple of posts while I’m there. The cable for my camera isn’t working though, may have to e-mail a few pics from my phone to my e-mail address 🙄

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