Cheer up for Gods sake!

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 The dishwasher eventually died today, so I’m more depressed than ever. I have a full dishwasher of dirty pots, pans and cutlery etc. as well as all of today’s stuff sitting staring at me from around the corner.  So, I’m firstly trying to find a way to cheer myself up and secondly, motivate myself to move from here and ‘get to it!’

 Blogging always cheers me up! I love to visit many many blogs for ideas. I check out layouts, themes, topics, gadgets and gizmos. If only I had a very good reason for spending a whole day doing this, I’d drop everything. Unfortunately, life’s not like that.

 Thanks to Mamalee  for allowing me to steal snag this piece of fine art without even knowing.

 Babybull has a meme which I thought would be fun to do.


Maybe I should……: clean the oven

I love……:my children, my husband, my family and my best friend

People would say that I’m…..: VERY, VERY funny (sorry ‘caps on’)

I don’t understand…..:politics

When I wake up in the morning…..:I wish I didn’t have to

I lost…..:a stone recently

Life is full of…..:challenges

My past is…..:something I would change just a little

I get annoyed when…..:my husband puts his phone on ‘silent’ when he’s in the pub

Parties are…..:no fun without me

I wish…..:I could give my Mum a big hug

Dogs ….: are faithful companions

Cats…..:poo in my garden

Tomorrow…..:never comes, although it did yesterday

I have a low tolerance…..:with litterbugs

If I had a million dollars…..:I would go straight to the bank and change it for Euros


 Hubby has just walked in,. I asked him to take a quick look at the dishwasher (as he should) and guess what? He re-programmed it, turned it back to ‘on’ and HEY PRESTO… H2O flows! Doncha just hate it when that happens.?.. Actually, no! More time to blog!



  1. 1
    Akelamalu Says:

    Re the dishwasher – having had a very similar experience I empathise! See my post
    Love the tag I may use it at a later date if you don’t mind?

    ~No probs

  2. 2
    babybull40 Says:

    Well what do ya know.. the hubby walks in and makes everything all better again.. I’m glad you don’t have to wash them by hand… That would’ve been nasty… Chat soon on MSN

    ~Typical isn’t it?

  3. 3

    Just tell hubby that you were testing his mechanical expertise! You knew that’s all that needed to be done, LOL!

    ~I know he doesn’t have any, so it was just a fluke! 😉

  4. 4
    earthpal Says:

    You don’t understand . . . politics? Nay? You surprise me.

    Love your response to the sentence survey. I smiled all the way through. Totally agree with the *party* sentence.

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