Keeping the children busy this Summer and 18,000 hits

  I’ve been dreading awaiting the school Summer holidays for a while now, and thinking how I can occupy the children from this Friday until they go back to school in September. Here’s something I saw over at Stay at Home Suburbia. Isn’t it great? I tend to keep dates in my diary, but with this idea, I’ll be able to put it up on the kitchen wall for all to see.

Here’s a list of what we plan to do so far…

And whatever else is free suits me!

   In July, we are off to the North-West of England to meet up with my brothers and sisters, in-laws, nephews (the eldest being newly-wed) nieces, their partners and a new girlfriend of my brother. I can’t wait! Must book that today or my eldest Sis (Mother Hen) will be on my case…

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Thanks to everyone who has visited my blog and hope y’all come back!



  1. 1

    And two weddings! I nearly forgot!

  2. 2
    Fence Says:

    Doesn’t the zoo have a new baby elephant? I’m sure I saw that on the news. Enjoy.

    Happy T13

  3. 3
    barbszy Says:

    That “fun calendar” is a great idea! I think we will need to try this here 🙂

  4. 4
    Akelamalu Says:

    Crikey they have long holidays over there. Ours don’t finish until the 20th July and go back about 4th September. Good luck keeping them occupied! :0

  5. 5

    Nothing like the word “free” to make my heart beat faster. We plan to be looking for a lot of free entertainment this summer too. It’s easier for us, because my kids are still young. Their expectations are just so much lower right now.

  6. 6
    babybull40 Says:

    Sounds like you got it all planned out.. we might take a trip to Northern Ontario for their Wild Blueberries.. they are so yummy…. but we will take Mr.Giggles to the beach and I’m planning Hairy Man’s 50th Birthday.. so far family is being a pain…

  7. 7
    Mama Duck Says:

    Coasters…. LOL sounds like all kinds of fun! Happy TT!

  8. 8
    Gattina Says:

    Besides the coaster and sport camp, the rest I would like too !

  9. 9
    Our Seven Qtpies Says:

    Sounds like a fun-filled summer! My kids get a boring summer, except the Midwest parade, lol. (which they usually are in, but weren’t this year)
    We might to to the lake some time, if gas prices go below $3.

  10. 10
    Jeremy Says:

    Enjoy the Summer… happy tt

  11. 11
    Dew Says:

    You’ve got a lot of fun ahead of you! Enjoy!

  12. 12
    beccy Says:

    Sounds like you’ve a busy summer planned. I love the long summers and seem to have most weeks booked up with one thing or another!

  13. 13

    You’ll have a great time!! Happy Thursday!!

  14. 14

    sounds like the kids will have a ball!

  15. 15
    earthpal Says:

    Sounds great. Ahem though – do I fit in there somewhere?

    Congrats on the blog stats. You always were a popular gal. 😉


  16. 16
    Mother Hen Says:

    Have you booked a hotel yet??

  17. 17
    Sanni Says:

    Pony Camp??? Awwww… LilSanni wants to join! Congrats on your great milestone – keep up the great work, please!

  18. […] and I think the children will love it. I made my Summer Activities Planner on Monday. Remember this post? And I’ve added a couple of baking days. I found and added another food blog called […]

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