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Planning for September

July 31, 2007

 We’re half way through the school holidays already and today we’re off to get the girls’ school books, schoolbags, uniforms and lunchboxes.  

  I’m looking at a  supplement of the Irish Independent and it shows the price difference between several clothing stores. Dunnes and Penneys being the cheapest. I must say though, I bought their uniforms from M&S last year and they are still in good condition although a little on the tight side, now. Each time I washed the cardigans and shirts they  ironed ‘as new.’ And you can’t beat Clarks for shoes.

There’s some ideas for school lunches here which is always handy in my quest to fill their boxes…

I didn’t win :-(

July 30, 2007


  Imagine winning 16 million euro on the Irish Lottery by purchasing a   4 euro quickpick! A family of seven left their home in Cork last night after their identity was revealed! (My sources say she’s English, living in Dublin, married to an Irishman and calling herself Beccy…..)

  I was so sure I’d be the lucky winner. I picked a  line choosing two odd numbers, two even and two numbers from last week. This is the advice given by the Irish Lottery themselves. No luck!

   I really needed the cash, too. I mean look at my fridge. The champers was chilled, the caviar was ready to eat, as was the fois gras and Hubs had a few beers, too. You can imagine how gutted I was to find that my very carefully selected numbers were of no use whatsoever.


July 28, 2007

Two children late at night with a box of coloured chalks!


July 27, 2007

Describe a toy you remember from your childhood.

A doll, I can smell it….My eldest Sis (Mother Hen) cut all it’s hair off while practising her hairdressing skills.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being highest) how observant are you?


Where would you rather be at this very moment?

Curled up on the sofa watching a weepy film with a glass of wine, a bar of Galaxy chocolate and an open fire. Alone!

Main Course
When was the last time you learned something new?

I learn something new every day!

Fill in the blank: I have _a pair of very expensive Jane Shilton shoes__ but I haven’t _worn them yet___. 


Thursday Thirteen

July 26, 2007

 As I still haven’t posted about our holidays (would rather do it with holiday snaps for effect) I thought I’d give you ’13places we ate in  or took away!’

  1. Maggianos Little Italy
  2. Black Angus Steak House
  3. Pizza Hut
  4. Lone Star Steakhouse and Saloon
  5. Bongos Cuban Cafe
  6. TGI Fridays
  7. Bennigans
  8. Hard Rock Cafe
  9. Ponderosa
  10. Carving Station
  11. Planet Hollywood
  12. Hollywood and Vine
  13. Red Lobster

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Luck O’ the Oirish?

July 25, 2007

   It’s a biggie tonight with the Irish Lottery. An estimated 12.5 million Euro is up and I’m going to do it. I won 13 euro once, well it would have been 13 punts, it was early on, in fact I think it was right at the start when the lotto had just come out.

How would you spend this amount of money?

Would it change my life? —————————————————————————>!!!

 What would I do if I won? Faint….

I need sunshine!

July 24, 2007

  After being assured we were to have the best Summer on record for many years, it turns out we are having the worst. Eight weeks of Summer holidays in a wet country with four children is not easy.  To top it off, all ‘last minute bargain holidays’ have gone and hubby has next week off! It’s not fair.

 I suppose we could have a week in Cork, we have free accommodation there but not guaranteed good weather. Change is a good as  a rest.

 I have a Residents Meeting this evening and need to organise for the  gardai to give a chat about the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. There’s very little crime in our town, the worst offence I’ve seen is littering! But it’s good for us to know how to prevent crime and to work together to ensure a safe environment for our children.

 We’ll also be organising a Summer family day for the last Saturday in August. This is the first party on the estate. Hubs is bringing a large barbeque from work to feed a possible 60/70 people. A bouncy castle will be booked and one of the parents is organising party games for the children. If you’ve ever had a party on your street, please give me a few pointers. I’d appreciate a few more ideas!


July 24, 2007

Helping to get Housework done

  A job which has been bugging me… the kitchen door doesn’t close without needing a push. It’s dust, fluff and general cra* collected from the floor. The same with the kitchen chairs…yuk!

I slid a j-cloth along the bottom of the door and it all came a away…

Back here for more tackles


July 22, 2007


Menu planning with Organising Junkie again, and it’s never been so easy. I kept to last weeks plan, no problem. This week I’m trying to get more vegetables into all of us!

Sunday~Pork chops, Brussels sprouts, mushrooms , roast potatoes and gravy (unusual combination, I know, but it was lovely!)

Monday~For the children: Potato waffles and baked beans topped with a fried egg and melted cheese.

For us, chicken curry and pilau rice

Tuesday~Plate meat pie, new potatoes and buttered peas

Wednesday~Spaghetti bolognese and garlic bread

Thursday~Homemade chicken and vegetable casserole

Friday~The Chipper

Saturday~Family evening at the local Chinese Restaurant

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt ~ Tiny

July 20, 2007

This really is ‘Tiny’


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