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Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt~Fake

July 6, 2007

Easy one for me this week. While we were on holiday in Disneyworld recently, Hubby bought the girls a hairpiece each. Here’s Bossy with hers.

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Friday Feast

July 6, 2007

┬áThe Friday Feast Chef is away, so I pinched Kims menu…

Appetizer~Name three things you are wearing today

Jeans, Slazenger trainer socks, Dunnes Stores pink lacy vest top.

Soup~Who was the last person you hugged?

Hubby before he left for work

Salad~What do you like to order from your favourite fast food place?

‘Italian Pesto’ with cream cheese and sundried tomatoes on a sesame bagel from the Bagel Factory

Main course~What time of the day do you feel most energised?

At about 11am when I’ve done most of the kitchen cleaning.

Dessert~Using the letters in your first name, make a sentence……

I’ll have to come back with this one! Till then, feast your eyes on these