Catching up

Monday~ Just home from England and went to the chipper!

Tuesday~Duck breast with new potatoes and buttered peas.

Wednesday~ Fillet steaks with stir-fry vegetables.

Thursday~Chinese take away! Yay!

Friday~Chicken casserole

Saturday~Chilli-con-carne for us, leftovers for the litter

Sunday~Roast dinner



  1. 1
    SAH Says:

    Welcome back! Hope you had a nice vacation. I’m so impressed with all of you who have menus planned out for the week. I had better get cracking!! It’s Monday already????
    The chipper…is what? Where you buy fish and chips perhaps?? Ha ha….probably totally wrong but that’s my best guess. I’m from Ontario and chip wagons (on the streets downtown) are VERY popular. Out here on the west coast, they are hard to come by if ever!!

    I call it the Chippy when I’m home in England, and the Chipper when I’m home in Ireland!

  2. 2
    sandra Says:

    Great menu, thanks for sharing!!!

    Thanks Sandra. I went to your blog to comment on the great storage ideas for the kids bedrooms, but couldn’t 😦

  3. 3
    Sue Says:

    Welcome Home, be happy to catch up soon.

    So it’s all round to yours for dinner this week then!

    Isn’t it funny how we all call chip shops (or anything for that matter) something different? Our word is chippy.

    Yes, it’s an English thing, the Irish call it the Chipper, it’s stuck! Loving your adventures in the Lakes!

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