Works for Me


There are many housework tasks I put off, but I’ve found a product that really helps me do the two most boring jobs in the world. Cleaning the microwave and the fridge. It’s called Dr.Beckmann ‘Rescue’  . My fridge stank of prawns, but after taking out the shelves and cleaning it with Rescue, the odour went straight away. It cleaned the microwave no problem. Check out their website  

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  1. 1

    Looks like a great product! Can you find it anywhere, like the grocery store or Target?

  2. 2

    I live in Ireland and bought it in Dunnes Stores.

    I just added their website to the post.

  3. 3
    beccy Says:

    Must take a trip to Dunnes when I get home then!

    British wino eh, will you be found in Temple Bar on a Saturday night with the other British wino’s handcuffing themselves to lamp posts? How do I know? I’ve heard that’s all…never been there or done that!

  4. 4

    😆 I’ve only ever been to Temple Bar once, it smelled like a jacks!

  5. 5
    beccy Says:

    I was only there once (for a Bristish hen night), I was too much of a British wino to notice the smell but that’s no incentive for me to go back!

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