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I didn’t win :-(

July 30, 2007


  Imagine winning 16 million euro on the Irish Lottery by purchasing a   4 euro quickpick! A family of seven left their home in Cork last night after their identity was revealed! (My sources say she’s English, living in Dublin, married to an Irishman and calling herself Beccy…..)

  I was so sure I’d be the lucky winner. I picked a  line choosing two odd numbers, two even and two numbers from last week. This is the advice given by the Irish Lottery themselves. No luck!

   I really needed the cash, too. I mean look at my fridge. The champers was chilled, the caviar was ready to eat, as was the fois gras and Hubs had a few beers, too. You can imagine how gutted I was to find that my very carefully selected numbers were of no use whatsoever.