Planning for September

 We’re half way through the school holidays already and today we’re off to get the girls’ school books, schoolbags, uniforms and lunchboxes.  

  I’m looking at a  supplement of the Irish Independent and it shows the price difference between several clothing stores. Dunnes and Penneys being the cheapest. I must say though, I bought their uniforms from M&S last year and they are still in good condition although a little on the tight side, now. Each time I washed the cardigans and shirts they  ironed ‘as new.’ And you can’t beat Clarks for shoes.

There’s some ideas for school lunches here which is always handy in my quest to fill their boxes…


  1. 1
    Lisa Says:

    Ah, I’d love to have uniforms. Back to school shopping has started. And school lunches…that’s a whole other story. Now that my KGer is in Grade 1 he’ll be in school all day. I’ll really have to be organized! Thanks for the link.

  2. 2
    Sue Says:

    We normally have Clarks shoes. I like to have their feet measured.

    My eldest son had a new pair of trainers bought him as a treat off his Aunty. He’d gone from a 13 g to a 2 f. Growth spurt or what!

    Good link too. If only my children would eat the variety!

  3. 3
    Akelamalu Says:

    Oh please don’t mention back to school, that means I have to go back to work! 😦

  4. 4
    distybug Says:

    We love uniforms at our house. It makes getting ready for school each day SOOO much easier! What do your kids wear? We have navy and green plaid jumpers with white shirts for girls and khaki pants and green shirts for boys.

  5. 5
    earthpal Says:

    I got my daughters uniform last week while the shop still had a 10% offer on. And if she grows before September, I can just take it all back and exchange it. I have to teach her how to ‘tie a tie’ now.

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