Lookie here!

Look who gave me an award! Comedy Plus. Well, I did discreetly asked for it!


 Thanks anyway!


    I spent the best part of yesterday, unpacking furniture we had delivered. Today, I need to sort out clothes into the right drawers and take other items to Charity Shop or Re-cycling Centre.

So, today I have a Thursday Thirteen  of pressing things I must do.

  • Take furniture packaging to Recycling Centre (two trips)
  • Put clothes into right drawers!
  • Iron for an hour
  • Change sand in Spuds sandpit
  • Collect chair from furniture shop which should have arrived with a a dressing table for Bossy
  • Dunnes/Tesco for food shopping.
  • Pick up girls’ school books (these cost 250 euro!)
  • Advertise the chest of drawers and microwave on Jumbletown
  • Get car taxed
  • Carwash
  • Collect meat from the Butchers
  • Collect the girls from Pony Camp
  • Clean en-suite bathroom
  • Phone the Plumber

Hands up if you counted my ‘to-do’ list! …………



  1. 1
    amy Says:

    hope you get everything done1!!

  2. 2
    Sanni Says:

    You´ll make it, busy bee! I´m sure –

    Thanks for the motivation, my to-do list is much shorter than yours. Too short for a TT 🙂

  3. 3
    damozel Says:

    Easy to see you’re British even without the Tesco and euros hints…getting meat from a butchers? en suite bathroom?

    I keep having to say it: Mothers are AMAZING.

  4. 4
    Sue Says:

    Hey what’s a to-do list? I live in Chaosville. I’ve tried leaving but can’t find my way out. 🙂

    You are soooo organised. Very impressed.

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