I have piles…..

…..of ironing to do today. I want to do all the washing, all the drying and all the ironing and then not to have to do any more for at least a week!


Has someone been wearing Mummy’s hold ups?

I’m also de-cluttering, taking one area a day to tackle.

Today, it’s the hot press, more commonly known around the world as the airing cupboard  (the Irish use some strange terms) I have charity bag stickers to hand. We get so many of the posted through the door, I could decorate my bedroom with them!




  1. 1
    sherry Says:

    I’ll be doing laundry all day for my tackle! Have a great time ironing!


  2. 2
    marye Says:

    laundry? ummm…..I have a mountain of it…maybe next week…. 😛

  3. 3

    Can I have some of your energy? It’s raining like crazy here, my allergies are killing me, and I’m a lump. I have all that to do and more. In my mind I want to get going, but my body ain’t listening!

  4. 4

    Hot press is the word(s) I hate the most here it’s an airing cupboard and always will be in my house!!!

  5. 5
    jenn Says:

    OHHHH that looks like a tackle I need to do – today I was gonna then, got side tracked – an OLD friend stopped by and well, best laid plans! 🙂

    Good work with your tackle!

  6. 6
    zam Says:

    I have a confession. Pressing clothes is really such a big “tackle” for me. I don’t exactly like feeling the heat dissipating from the iron. But it’s inevitable that we do this every week

  7. 8
    DISTYBUG Says:

    Oddly enough, I’ve NEVER heard of a hot press OR an airing cupboard. What does it do?

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