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    In 1989 I came face-to-face with Diana . She left a very strong impression on me.

    When she was killed, I was so upset.

    She touched a lot of peoples hearts. I’ll always remember her for the good she did and respect her as the most ‘normal’ member of the Royal Family.

  2. Her memory lives on. She was the most down to earth person with a passion for life.
    By the way, I love your site. It has given me some new recipes that I have tried and truly enjoyed. Thank you.

    Great! Thankyou. I couldn’t get onto your blog btw?

  3. 3
    Karen Says:

    This is such a beautiful photo. I wonder what Diana would have looked like now, how her life would have been. Greetings to a fellow English person!

    10 years on, I don’t think she would have looked 10 years older…

  4. 4
    Nicole Says:

    wow! You actually met her? I absolutely adore her. Rest easy Diana.

    Yes, at the Dome in Doncaster. She officially opened it. I got a close-up of her, must dig it out!

  5. 5
    beccy Says:

    Although I’m not an avid royalist I felt very sorry for the way Diana was treated. I was devastated when she died and cried so much it even surprised me.

    I cried buckets, too.

    (I feel she was killed by a drunk-driver who was getting a thrill by being chased by the Papparazzi….)

  6. 6
    beccy Says:

    You could be right although the conspiracy theory sounds feasible as well.

  7. 7

    Watched the memorial service today – Harry moved me to tears

  8. 8
    Lisa Says:

    Still the most beautiful woman photographed!!

  9. 9
    DISTYBUG Says:

    I love that photo as well. She seemed to have found a great outlet for her caring personality just as her life was snuffed out. So sad.

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