Eggs Benedict

Doesn’t this look scrummy? I’m not an egg fan actually, but I must try more recipes like this. The children, especially Bossy,  love eggs. They’re cheap too! We often make scrambled eggs, but I thought I need to be a bit more adventurous with them and I’ll try Eggs Benedict

While I’m on the subject of eggs, take a look at this!



  1. 1
    Nicole Says:

    Yummm! I made them a few weeks ago (posted on my blog) with salmon instead of ham. They were really good! Nice pics of yours!!

  2. 2

    Not my pics! I’ll make them later….

  3. yummy!

    if you don’t mind may i invite you to participate in my new photo meme every monday. thanks and have a good day!

    weekend snapshot

  4. 4
    jdbauer Says:

    I was going to say they look delicious, but then I read that the ones in the pic are not yours. Anyway they look delicious. I love making eggs benedict!!!

  5. 5

    They look very tasty, I love eggs.

  6. Ooh your just making me even more sad that my chucks aren’t laying at the moment! Never mind, at least now I know what I’ll make as soon as they lay again!

  7. 7
    Nicole Says:

    Ooohh that place looks posh. lol Did he teach you to cook or did you already know? What does he specialize in?

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