Should have gone to Specsavers~ But I didn’t

  I actually didn’t want to go to Specsavers. For the last two months, I’ve had to move the small print away to read it. So, today I had a lengthy eye test to be told what I already knew. Although my eyesight is bordering on needing glasses or ‘putting up with it for a year or so’  I decided to go ahead with the specs.

I’ll have them next Thursday and will post a pic of a gorgeous Mum of four wearing gigs…

Maybe ‘almost’ naked…..who knows?



  1. 1

    Hi miss l, what is specsavers? Does this mean you have just spent a fortune on specs? Diamond studded, are they?

  2. 2
    Nicole Says:

    I bet you’ll look gorgeous! I wear glasses because I’m too scared to get lasik surgery. I also have some weird “quirk” about not being able to have anything close to my eye. I can barely put on eyeliner! lol

  3. 3

    I need new glasses badly. They are SO expensive…

  4. 4
    mo Says:

    i’ve just bought two pairs of glasses for the 99p shop!!!And yes they cost 99p each.Fantastic value!! The glasses(one red and the othe pair green) case, strap and cloth to clean them with! I too went to Specsavers for a £35 eye test and they tried to encourage me to buy a £165 pair from them….never!

  5. 5
    mothemum Says:

    Hey Sis,
    I’ll take some pics this week,of my glasses to show you ! xxxxx

  6. 6
    Nicole Says:

    Chinese!!!???? Yes, I am jealous thank you very much! lol

  7. 7

    Just dropped by to say thank you for my prize in the ‘guess the bad banana’ competition!

    The prayer card and friendship pin are lovely, and much appreciated 😀

    God bless!

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