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Thirteen things I’ll be cooking in the very near future…(editing in progress!)

October 5, 2007

 I’m sorry to say, I’m having a hard time with this Thursday Thirteen. I have so many things I’d love to try soon. 

  Jeenas Kitchen has the tastiest looking curry I’ve seen on any website! Kerala Chicken Curry reminds me of our curry nights at home in England. I’ll be making it next week.

Uncaring Bear made pizza recently, I’ll be making them for my daughters sleepover tonight. I like the idea of adding baby spinach!

Nic in the Kitchen. I’ve tried a few of her recipes, and they’ve all turned out really good. The next recipe I’ll be trying is her Chicken Chilli.

How does she make her meals look warm? This dish is perfect for curling up on the sofa with Chef in front of the TV on a cold Autumn eve…   

 I’ll definitely be making this again!  I made it last night and ate most of it myself, although Bossy convinced me the bit she ate, she enjoyed.

Becci at Peppermint Tea cooks, plays tennis, brings up her children and, like me, has to put up with an Irish husband. Not an easy task. Many moons ago, she made this.. Spud will be three on the 14th of October. This will so be on his party table!

Crystal at Sprinkles and Twinkles (isn’t that a great name for a blog?) has made something from one of my favourite herbs. Coriander. Green Chilli Enchaladas. And Chef loves Enchilladas, so it’s a safe bet that this will be on my next Menu Plan Monday

   I often make Chef chilli-con-carne, but usually use a packet mix. I must try to make one from scratch.

 Autumn always means casseroles and stews. Usually on  Friday evenings. It’s a busy night  with Irish Dancing and Drama classes now, too. “The pot is on the stove, take it when you’re ready!”

I’ve used this website twice now, and will try this casserole. Looks like it has a bit of a ‘kick’. Tonight I’m making Pork and Potato casserole. I’m adding a tin of mixed beans which I’ve had in the cupboard for months. I re-organised my cupboards this morning and was ruthless to say the least. You know all those little bits of stuff you hold onto ‘just in case?’  Well, I let them all go. My food cupboards are now ready for re-stocking tomorrow when Chef comes back from doing the shopping.