Mum, your cheesecake is tasty, but your sponge tastes rubbery!

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  1. 1
    Yen Says:

    I’m totally WORDLESS! Too cute:D

  2. 2
    cdv1971 Says:

    Wonderful shot! I love bathing my boy, it’s Dad’s main job! Happy WW.

  3. 3
    Cherry Says:

    oh, this is sooo cute! hehe!

  4. 4

    he looks edible

  5. 5

    Sweet!! Adorable! Precious!!
    [love your nickname – Spud, too!!]

    Great W W. Mine’s shared too, won’t you stop by for some Halloween punch?

  6. 6
    Katie J Says:

    Sweet. My daughter turns 3 next week and I remember when she still fit in the sink. So cute.

  7. 7
    Tonni Says:

    That is a riot!!

  8. 8
    susiej Says:

    I remember giving my babies that bath! Precious.

  9. 9
    Diana Says:

    What a fun picture! Happy WW!

  10. what an adorable shot!! I bet that feels good!

  11. 11

    What a cute photo. Happy WW!

  12. 12

    What an adorable shot!! Cherish those moments!!!

    Happy WW!

  13. 13
    mothemum Says:

    Hey is that ‘X’?

  14. 14

    Thankyou everyone, I’ll call back to your blogs soon…

  15. 15
    Dana Says:

    oh how sweet. i like this little baby. happy ww

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