This is the earliest… UPDATED!

….that the tree has been put up. Normally, it would go up on the 5th, but Bossy has been asking me to do it today, so that they can all help. How could I say no?

…..Please call back later for the result!

Chef put a stop to the tree, but agreed to decorate the house.

It’s a start! Elf was on TV…so funny! 

Pics to follow….





  1. 1
    Alix Says:

    I’ll be back for pictures, we just bought our tree but only have 1 decoration for it -LOL – so I’ll need to go shopping tomorrow!

  2. 2
    Sue Says:

    I love Elf, we watch it over and over, it’s a great Christmas film.

    ps Please will you stop posting pictures of your very tidy house, it’s making me cry with shame!! 🙂

  3. 3
    Lisa Says:

    My kids LOVE the movie Elf. It’s one of our favourites. It’s just so silly! I even let my kids try noodles with maple syrup last year! Gotta love Buddy!!

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