Friday’s Christmas Dinner Feast

Appetizer~ I love a light saladleaf starter. Rocket, frizee, raddichio, lambs leaf. I love all of them with a drizzle of garlic vinaigrette
Soup~Hubby’e Cream of Cauliflower
Salad~ I had it to start!
Main Course~Goose. I’m fed up with feeling ‘obliged’ to eat turkey just because everyone else is. Please give me a choice!
Dessert~ Real vanilla icecream.
What do you like to drink during dinner? ~German white wine
What do you drink after? ~More German white wine! Maybe this year I’ll have a Bailey’s Mint in a brandy glass with one piece of ice….



  1. 1
    Gattina Says:

    Sounds good ! I don’t know what I will eat on Christmas day I am invited to my son. On Christmas eve we always have a meat and cheese fondue.

  2. 2
    Patti Says:

    Mmmmm…sound delish! We have turkey on Christmas Day … and there is no deviation allowed (per DH). 🙂 Merry Christmas!!!

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