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Tagged~and a Menu Plan

January 12, 2008

   My Menu Planner is so easy this week. Because we’re going away on Wednesday night/Thursday morning, I only have half a week to plan. Chef’s brother (also  a chef) is minding the children, with his fiancee for the first couple of days, so good healthy meals guaranteed there! Then Chefs two sisters are coming to stay, they are pasta fans, so are my children. Sorted.

Monday~ Pasta Carbonara or leftover lamb casserole

(Us, Lamb Balti and basmati rice)

Tuesday~Sausage, mash and green beans

(us, not sure yet)

Wednesday~Scrambled eggs, potato waffles, peas and sweetcorn

(us, not a clue!)

 Cheesecake 005


I’ve been tagged by Becky at Peppermint Tea who also gave me the recipe for the Toblerone Cheesecake made by my daughter, Pencil at My Little Scribbles I made it a few months ago, here, but Pencil made it more recently for a school project and shared it out between her friends, who LOVED it!
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Has to be the post I dedicated to My Mum. It was the anniversary of her death and it brought  me and my sister to tears!
 I suppose this is fella is my best friend (I’ll let him think that anyway!)
Didn’t you guess? Click ME!
The Rainbow Post was one of my faves. The music brings it all back to me. I love the song, I love rainbows and I love my children so much.
ANYTHING I LIKE…… I’m still working on this one!
I tag Sue  Bindi and Earthie