Monday Menu Plan

                        I’m job-hunting this week, so keeping it simple in the kitchen. The little boy I’ve been minding since May last year, starts Playgroup in March. I’ve registered with FAS this morning, and will have my first interview in many years, sometime soon…

Menu for the children:

Monday~ Leek & Potato Soup

Tuesday~ Sausage Casserole

Wednesday~ Cheeseburgers and curly fries

Thursday~ Chicken dippers, rice and peas

Friday~ Celery Soup

Saturday~ Omelettes
Sunday~ Roast Lamb, roasted baby potatoes, Brussels sprouts, carrot & swede mash, petit pois and gravy


  1. 1
    Nicole Says:

    Your menu sounds really good! How have you been? I miss you!

  2. 2
    beccy Says:

    Good luck with the job hunting, have you any idea what you want to do?

  3. 3
    distybug Says:

    What’s FAS? Are you looking for another child to watch?

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