Earth Hour

I did my bit, well tried.. I usually put the bedroom lamps on as it gets dark, so the children can get changed for bed. Tonight the lights upstairs didn’t go on until after 9pm when I sent them to bed! I turned off the light outside, at the front door, the lights under the kitchen cabinets, the light above the hob, the lamp in the hall, one of the lamps in the lounge. So for the whole hour, we only had the t.v. on, one lamp and the computer (keeping the youngest two occupied) I could have done more, but Chef was home and there was no way he’s participate by turning off the t.v and the lamp beside it. Next year, I’ll make sure he goes out.

  I looked out of the window to see if the other houses on the estate were participating. They weren’t, so I didn’t feel quite so bad!



  1. We did it – switched everything off and ate pizza by candlelight!

  2. 2
    Lisa Says:

    It’s all off at our house right now with the exception of the tv, the computer and my daughter’s light in her room….there was NO WAY she was going to bed without it! It doesn’t appear like my neighbours are participating either! Too bad. My husband took the kids out to get a good look at the city of Vancouver at 8pm but at our favourite lookout site…it was SNOWING (the higher elevation!!). So much for that great idea!!

  3. 3
    earthpal Says:

    We did it! We played Monopoly by candlelight. The kids thought it was great fun. I’ll be honest though – I was relieved when the hour was up.

  4. 4
    earthpal Says:

    Monopoly is sooo boring.


  5. 5
    chrisb Says:

    I should hide my head in shame as I forgot!

  6. 6
    babybull40 Says:

    I can’t say we did the same thng with the lights.. we were busy trying to put together a desk and a cabinet.. before putting Mr.Giggles to bed.. It was well past his bedtime by the time we got it all cleaned up and done.. But I was thinking about it…

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